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Bylaws of IEEE EMBS Xiamen University Student Club

(release September 2010)

Article I. Name
This organization shall be known as the IEEE EMBS Xiamen University Student Club, hereinafter called the Club which shall have been granted as a professional student organization by the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (IEEE EMBS).

Article II. Objectives
The object of this Club shall be to promote the profession of Biomedical Engineering through organized study, research, social, and industry immersed activities. These activities will work to further the dissemination of information on the topic and profession of Biomedical Engineering, as well as its interaction with the other science disciplines. The Club shall promote membership in the IEEE EMBS by aquatinting the student body with the ideas, purposes and objectives of IEEE EMBS.

Article III. Membership
3.1. Any person who is a registered student enrolled in an undergraduate college or graduate school curriculum in engineering, medicine, or management, is eligible for membership in the Student Club. The Club membership does not require an IEEE or the EMBS as a prerequisite.
3.2. All members of the Student Club are subject to the Constitution and Bylaws of the IEEE EMBS.
3.3. A member may be expelled for any of the following reasons: Poor attendance at general body meetings, lack of involvement in club activities, inappropriate use of IEEE EMBS materials and funds, and general misconduct. This stringently applies for the Club committee members.
3.4. A recommendation for expulsion can be made by any Club member in good standing, and it shall be made directly to the Chair. If the Chair deems the recommendation legitimate, the expulsion shall be discussed in a private Club committee meeting. Once all arguments have been voiced, the Voting members of the Club committee defined in Article VI will vote and majority vote by three-fifths must be achieved.
3.5. There shall be two levels of membership: officers and regular members. Further membership levels shall be delineated as needed as the Club grows, and as further modifications are made to the Bylaws.
  • Officers: the role of an officer is defined in Article V.
  • Regular members: all Club members in good standing who are not officers are considered as regular members.

  • Article IV. Dues
    4.1. The Club will provide membership to all students with no fee, however, the Chair must ensure appropriate funding required to fulfill fee necessities for the IEEE EMBS student membership so that the society may remain a Club.
    4.2. Students may contribute additional funds directly to the Club treasury for use by the Club in its operations and activities.

    Article V. Officers
    5.1. There shall be ten officers of the Club: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Administrative Assistant, five Information Officers.
    5.2. The following are the officer positions which shall be elected on an annual basis, and the position shall be held for one year, not withstanding extenuating circumstances.
    5.2.1. Chair: The Chair is responsible for appointing program, publicity and membership committee promptly; preparing the necessary annual reports for IEEE Student Services; ensuring smooth transition of information and materials to newly elected officers and arrange orderly; transfering of Club records; communicating frequently with other officers.
    5.2.2. Vice-Chair: The Vice-Chair is responsible for organizing field trips or special events beyond regular program efforts; assisting the Chair in following up on assigned committee responsibilities; performing all functions of chairperson in the latter's absence or upon request.
    5.3. The following are the officer positions which would be nominated by the Chair-elected, Vice-Chair-elected, or the Faculty Advisor, and the position shall be held for one year, not withstanding extenuating circumstances.
    5.3.1. Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for keeping minutes of each Club meeting and for putting these minutes into a format that is accessible to all members of the organization; maintaining Club membership roster and committee assignments list; coordinating all Club correspondence; posting a calendar of events; arranging for an orderly transfer of all Club records to the incoming secretary.
    5.3.2. Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the appropriate Club bank accounts; preparing an annual budget and submit the annual plan of activities to IEEE Student Services by November 1 or two months after the academic year begins; preparing the final Financial Statement and submit the annual report of activities to IEEE Student Services by May 1 or six months after the academic year ends; overseeing all fund raising efforts; arranging for an orderly transfer of all Club financial records to the incoming Treasurer.
    5.3.3. Adminstrative Assistant: The Adminstrative Assistant is responsible for assisting Chair and Vice-Chair with all executive functions and effort; helping hold regular meetings of the Club committee; working with the Club committee to conduct the educational programs for the regular members.
    5.3.4. Information Officer: The Information Officer is responsible for collecting sufficient information for the Club members; developing the advanced tools for both members' requests and the Club administration; taking charge some relevant columns in the annual reports.
    5.3.5. Faculty Advisor: The Faculty Advisor is responsible for arranging for the election of Officers on a calendar year basis; defending the justice and freedom for the Club. Faculty advisor will write the documents of the Club member's legal duty. Faculty advisor has the exclusive jurisdiction in the Club, and has also independent inspection duty. In addition, the faculty advisor will preside at ceremonies at the Club level, and also empower on Club's behalf the positions to the designated staff. In addition, to ensure that Club activities are conducted under the provisions of the current Club Bylaws.

    Article VI. Club Committee
    6.1. The Club committee is the governing and policy-making body of the Club. It will be composed of all officers, as well as the Club's Faculty Advisor.
    6.2. The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Club shall be elected in the manner prescribed by the Bylaws. They shall hold office for a period of one year until the end of the academic year.
    6.3. The Secretary, Treasurer, Administrative Assistant, and five Information Officers are nominated by the Chair-elected, Vice-Chair-elected, or the Faculty Advisor.
    6.4. The Chair shall be a student member of the IEEE EMBS, and either the Chair or Vice-Chair shall not hold any position in other student organizations.
    6.5. The Faculty Advisor is defined in Article VII.
    6.6. The Club committee shall be composed of two levels of administrative rights: Voting board members and Non-Voting board members. The Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Administrative Assistant will have the voting rights for final approval of proposed policy and activity initiatives, and each of these officers is allocated one vote for use in approval/disapproval of proposed initiatives. The passing of a suggested policy, activity, or spending initiatives will occur upon a three-fifths majority basis. The Information Officers and Faculty Advisor may suggest initiatives, but may not vote on hehalf of the Club committee.
    6.7. The Club Committee must abide by the Bylaws of IEEE EMBS Xiamen University Student Club.

    Article VII. Faculty Advisor
    7.1. The Faculty Advisor must be a Member, Senior Member, or Fellow of the IEEE EMBS.
    7.2. The Faculty Advisor shall serve as an intermediary and resource person for the Club, university and the IEEE EMBS.
    7.3 The Faculty Advisor shall be a full-time faculty or academic staff member at Xiamen University.

    Article VIII. Meetings
    8.1. The Club will attempt hold two general meetings, and two business meetings per month. The Club Committee will determine the dates at the beginning of the academic year.
    8.2. Presence of all Club officers at each meeting is mandatory. Absence at a meeting must be notified well before the meeting with a valid reason to the Secretary.
    8.3. In case the Chair is unable to attend a meeting, the Vice-Chair may take his/her place. Duties of other absent officers may be taken by other present officers.
    8.4. A meeting may not preside if four or more Club officers are absent. The Chair may, however, hold a meeting if he/she deems it important for the Club.
    8.5. The Chair may take action against any officer for continued unexplained absences with prior consultation with other officers.

    Article IX. Elections
    9.1. Elections for the Chair and Vice-Chair positions shall be held at a date to be determined annually in September.
    9.2. The Secretary will construct an election ballot no less than one week prior to the election date. This ballot will contain a minimum of one nominee for each officer position, and will be distributed prior to the election date. At the date of distribution, additional nominations may take place.
    9.3. Club members may only be nominated for one officer position per election. If an instance occurs whereas a position remains unfilled after the initial tabulation, unselected nominees may then seek to fill the open position.
    9.4. The elected positions shall have a term lasting from September 1st until August 31st of the subsequent year. Previous officers must ensure appropriate and timely transition of responsibilities and administrative rights to newly elected officers before the end of August.
    9.5. The Chair shall hold his position for another term of one year at most, with reappointment after being elected. The exception for the limitation of this reappointment occurs, only if the Chair serves as the Student Representative of the IEEE EMBS.
    9.6. In case of either Chair or Vice-Chair position vacancies, special elections may take place; so long as there is written notice of the intent, purpose, and date of this special election is publicized 7 days prior to the selected date.
    9.7. No Club member may be considered to be elected or nominated for an officer position if the named person is to graduate before completing at least one half year of studies while holding the position.
    9.8. All elections must be done by written, secret ballot. All the Club members have the election voting rights, and will be designated a ballot each.
    9.9. Impeachment of an officer may occur upon presentation of a just reason to the Faculty Advisor. If this evidence elicits approval from the Faculty Advisor, a two-thirds vote by all Club members is needed for the removal for the person in question from office.

    Article X. Award Opportunities
    The Club shall encourage its members to submit applications to the annual international conference of IEEE EMBS for the Student Paper Competitions and Undergraduate Design Contests, as well as other national or international award opportunities.

    Article XI. Amendment
    Amendments to the IEEE EMBS Xiamen University Student Club can and will take place upon a three-thirds vote of all the Club's members at any general or business meeting.

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